On-Site Repairs

Here at iTangent, we know that nothing is more frustrating than having to spend half an hour carefully writing down which cable goes where, unplugging your equipment, and heaving it all the way across town to our office for repair. In fact, this is probably the number one complaint we get about owning a computer or any other technology. Not the fact that it broke, but having to drag it all the way in to the office for repairs.

You’ll be pleased to know that not only do we offer the best on-site repairs and service around, we actually prefer to come to you and save you all that hassle of lugging everything to us. We’ve noticed that most repairs and services can be performed just as easily on-site as they are at our office, and so our philosophy is if we can do the job at your place, why not?

In fact, we have actually realised that we have a higher success rate and far fewer followup repairs when we perform the repair on-site, simply because the equipment is in it’s “natural environment”, rather than the “sterile”, isolated environment of our office. This means we can spot environmental, or related problems which may be causing the issue, which we wouldn’t spot at our office, simply because the environment and attached devices weren’t the same. Also, having you present during the repair means that we can work with you, rather than for you to resolve the problem and not only that, we can show you how to prevent most of the problems in the future.

The only time your PC or other device will need to leave your home or business is if our technician decides that the item is “unfixable” at your location. This can happen for a number of reasons, including major hardware failures, lengthy repair techniques, or overnight testing requirements. If that’s the case, our technician will disconnect the device, bring it back to the office for repair and return and reconnect the device when the repair is completed.

Our on-site servicing and repairs are the same price as our office prices, so why not take advantage of the fact that we can come to you and not only fix problems, but help you understand why and how we do what we do. Knowledge is definitely power!

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